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Yoni Titi-Chaves and her husband, Paulo Chaves, met on a flight from the USA into South Africa nearly 10 years ago – sitting next to each other and spending hours debating and sharing ideas on their common and biggest passion – property. Hours of this conversation turned into a first date. After their third date they were comfortable to spend their days at Builders Warehouse and in décor stores in Kramerville, Sandton.

Paulo with his engineering and building construction background was the natural technical behind their debates; Yoni – with a natural eye for good things and for interior décor brought the complimentary combination to this team. Paulo, born to Portuguese parents and having left South Africa in 1992, took a leap of faith to join his new found love and return to the country of his formative upbringing – South Africa – and to actively invest in the South African property market and find opportunity for their passion to build a business anchored on cost effective home renovations in the residential market. Their passion and infectious personalities for home renovations has grown to serve home makers interested in transforming spaces into their home – with advice that is practical, homely and cost effective to make for beautiful spaces and family experiences for years to come.

The Love Of Property And Home Improvements Brought Us Together

Yoni Titi-Chaves

Yoni Titi-Chaves, a successful business entrepreneur born and raised in Umtata, in the Eastern Cape, SA, graduated from the prestigious Edinburgh University, Scotland with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA – International Business) and later graduated from Georgetown University, Washington DC.  Raised in an entrepreneurial home, she always knew her place in the world was in creating than ‘maintaining”. Having served her legal articles with top law firm, Bowman Gilfillan,  then Legal Advisor at Investec Bank – after which  headed up Legal, Risk and Compliance for First National Bank (Retail Investments), she used her savings to begin her aspirational journey in the South African property market at age 25 years old – acquiring small flats and renovating these and creating value in pursuit of her passion and interest.  A Nelson Mandela scholar of outstanding credentials, she has spent years in social upliftment and in creating employment in living her dreams in property development.

Paulo Chaves

Paulo Chaves, graduated from Universidade Moderna – Lisboa with a Bachelors in Engineering (Civil).  Following his family’s move back to Portugal he was adamant to keep his passion and keen interest in infrastructure development alive.  He left the comfort of family and home in Lisbon for the United States of America where he spent 8 years.  He worked for well-known construction companies including Perform Concrete (major subcontractor of Hobbs) as well as to Turner Construction, respectively, – who were subcontracted to major residential projects in the exclusive residential areas and to celebrities in New York of Greenwich Connecticut, Pond Ridge, White Plains, Harrison and Ridgefield Connecticut.  It is most entertaining to watch his larger than life extrovert personality tell stories of multi million rand dollar kitchens that celebrities changed their mind on overnight and to replace with more million dollar revised version – whilst his conscious spoke to the struggling majority he had experienced not only in Africa but through his professional nomadic take on seeing the world.  It was no surprise, after 8 years in USA construction industry, when he gravitated towards home soil when he joined CFRL in Angola for 4.5 yrs working on projects in public works, sanitation and commercial. 

He returned to his birth country where he had only had the privilege to enjoy for first 18 months of his life, Mozambique, to acquire land and develop in the residential space – a business he continues to oversee from nearby Johannesburg, South Africa until now.  Until he met his match 10 years ago, South Africa became home.  A devotated father to four year old Faith and his dog Chappo he is fulfilled in his property passion.

What Our Clients Say

The first one was a “face lift” for a townhouse in Douglasdale. The budget was tight, however, with very clever suggestions from Yoni and enhancements to existing furniture and fitting we were able to transform the place into a beautiful home.

Nthabiseng Thema Sango Capital, Johannesburg

I truly enjoyed witnessing the respectful effort Yoni and Paulo put into transforming our home into a plush and practical ("liveable") space. They were attentive to our needs and executed the renovation lovingly, efficiently and professionally. The Yoni Properties team were also mindful of our budget and kept us updated on all significant developments. Renovating a home is truly affordable when you bring this patient, energetic and hard-working team on board. Paulo's caring touch turned our garden into a beautiful sanctuary. Yoni's passion brought an understated elegance feel to our home. The art pieces Yoni recommended are amazing conversational points that captures both our history and our aspirations. Thank you to Yoni and Paulo for making our home a special place we look forward to coming to daily. We love hanging out here.

Dr. Dimakatso Maboea Randburg, Johannesburg

I take great pleasure in commenting about a quality of collaboratives displayed by Yoni Titi and Paul in all property activities I had to engage them, the complete understanding of the environment and the polite and subtle planning that is entrenched into detail, It is always a pleasure to be assisted by people who understand their work completely and are so patient with every challenge brought to their fore. None of the work I have requested from these couples have been left incomplete or unattended to, not to mention the complete know-how. Till today I appreciate their assistance without hesitation, I would recommend whomever to make use of this company if you want your Property challenges to be resolve with professionalism it deserve, none will slip away. Thank you and I would utilize your service in the future again.

Sihle Ngubane La Provence, Johannesburg

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Our passion and infectious personalities for home renovations has grown to serve homemakers interested in transforming spaces into their home. 🏡